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CNL Law Firm, PLLC passionately focuses on helping clients across Colorado regain peace of mind.

The team at CNL Law Firm is deeply committed to obtaining results for clients that are in their favor. Family law is CNL Law Firm’s sole area of practice and we are compassionate, skilled, and experienced in protecting our clients.

CNL Law Firm keeps small caseloads and as a result, we stay in constant and thorough communication with clients, truly take the time to work your case, and provide the legal representation that our clients truly deserve – we never settle for anything less.

CNL Law Firm is Highly Dedicated to Obtaining Optimal Results.

Our family law attorneys are highly skilled litigators with years of experience in handling all types of family law cases. We are very passionate about aggressively representing our clients’ interests in and outside of the courtroom. Our family law attorneys are also committed to relentlessly working hand in hand with our clients to obtain the best possible outcomes for their cases.

Should a former partner prove to be uncompromising or downright difficult, our skilled and experienced family law attorneys will zealously see your matter through the complete litigation process. We understand and appreciate that family law disputes are often highly contentious and take the trust that clients place in us very seriously.

At CNL Law Firm, we are here for you.

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Chris N. Little

Managing Attorney

Christopher N. Little is the managing attorney for CNL Law Firm, PLLC in Aurora, Colorado. His practice includes divorce, custody, child support, alimony, post-decree modifications, adoption, family violence, and other family law matters.

He firmly believes in fostering a holistic client-driven atmosphere where clients are always heard, validated, and vigorously represented. Whether on the phone or in the courtroom, he consistently and passionately advocates for his client’s interests.

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Decades of Experience Working Hard for You

At the CNL Law Firm, we take a strategic team-based approach to family law and divorce cases across Denver, the whole Denver Metro area, and Colorado. Our team treats everyone involved with respect and we have developed excellent working relationships with key professionals in the Colorado legal community. Our attorneys keep small case loads and stay in frequent communication with clients. Our team is well versed in both settlement and trial strategies and approach both with a high degree of diligence, skill, and personal attention.

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    Chris helped me with a sensitive matter and I could not be happier with his service. He was responsive and thorough. He made sure to fully understand my situation and goals, and tailored his advice accordingly. I also appreciated that his service was well worth the cost. I would definitely recommend ...
    Nick Bjorklund
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    Working with Chris was great. His service was excellent and timely. He helped me sort out any and all issues with patience and pronounced expertise. It is clear that he cares greatly about his client’s needs and I would highly recommend! ...
    Jack Nelson
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    Mr. Little is professional and courteous. He tries his best to make the situation as simple and as easy as possible for all parties in involved. He truly wants to help people through hard times in their lives. 100% recommend! ...
    Jade Rogers
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    Chris Little is a compassionate and intelligent attorney. He is very competent and skilled when it comes to legal research and determining a successful argument. He is one of those attorneys that truly cares and will go above and beyond for his clients. ...
    Steven De Leon

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Aurora Family Law Firm Protects Your Future, Your Children, and Your Property

Colorado is a no-fault divorce state. This means that the marriage may be dissolved without needing to prove that one party is at “fault.”  This also means that marital wrongdoing is irrelevant in a divorce proceeding unless there are child custody safety issues or financial wrongdoing that affect the marital estate.  Either spouse may file for divorce without the other’s consent.

In the case of a Legal Separation, husband and wife can similarly separate their finances, domiciles, and parenting time, but the marriage itself remains legally intact. Neither party is to re-marry without converting their Legal Separation to a Decree of Dissolution by the Court.

A Dissolution of Marriage is what is commonly called a “divorce.” At the end of the process, both parties will have divided their assets (including debts) with the help of their respective counsel. If there are children involved, there will need to be further agreements regarding parenting time, parental decision-making, and financial support between the two parents. In a Divorce, the legal marriage itself is terminated and both parties are able to re-marry.

In Colorado, the minimum time between serving the Respondent (or joint filing) and being granted a Divorce Decree or Legal Separation is 90 days.  Most divorces in Colorado will typically be completed within one year depending on the factual circumstances of each case. Contact our Aurora divorce lawyer or follow us on the web for more information.

According to Colorado law, both spouses must provide the Court (and one another) with financial documents in order to best ascertain the value of assets obtained during the marriage. In other words, you must disclose all financial documentation, and then it will be up to the Court to decide what is “separate” property, and what must be divided between spouses. Even though your bank account is only in your name it is still going to be considered marital property if:

  1. You deposited funds during your marriage that co-mingled with funds from prior to your marriage. In this case, the account would be considered co-mingled and therefore marital property.
  2. The funds you deposited were earned during the marriage, or
  3. Even if you only have funds in the account from before your marriage, the principal amount will be separate funds but the interest earned on funds or any increase in value to the account during your marriage is considered marital property.

Marital debt is “equitably” distributed in the same manner as assets. Normally, the party who is allowed to keep a certain asset (say, a car or a home), will likely be responsible for the corresponding debt.

The house is a marital asset if it was purchased during the marriage. How marital assets are divided depends on the circumstances of your case. If you are able to keep the house in a division of assets, then you will also have to look at your ability to pay the mortgage and expenses. Maintenance (Alimony) may come into play depending on your circumstances. The question of keeping your house requires your attorney to review the facts and circumstances surrounding your current situation.

In Colorado, you don’t have to get married to be legally married. If you are eligible to be married (i.e.; age of majority, not married to anyone else, mentally capable) then the court looks to a three-prong test to determine if the couple is married under common law. There is no waiting period in Colorado to be married under common law.

Does the couple:

  • Hold themselves out as married
  • Have the intent to be married
  • Live together

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