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  • Common Custody Arrangements for the Holidays

    Posted on December 12, 2022

    You and your children’s other parent may have a parenting time schedule that works well for you most of the year. When you add the holidays into the mix, however, keeping everything together can be a lot more challenging. In order to make the most of this holiday season, it’s important to have a custody arrangement that works for you and your children, and an experienced Aurora, Colorado, child custody attorney can help you with that.  &...

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  • Not Seeing Your Child as Frequently as Before a Divorce?

    Posted on September 22, 2022

    Shared custody is challenging for both parents, but often more painful for the parent without primary custody. It gets worse when a memorable holiday like Christmas or birthday arrives.  Joint custody can affect such moments, which proves difficult to adjust to. Consequently, parents have fewer chances to spend quality time with their kids. These changes may lead to adverse health effects like anxiety, depression, insomnia, or weight fluctua...

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  • Children Pass By Confusing Time During Divorce Process

    Posted on September 8, 2022

    The divorce takes its toll on everyone, but children are the most vulnerable to the attendant stress and confusion. While you have made the difficult decision that you need a divorce, your children have no say in the matter and have no way to frame the changes they’re experiencing. If you're moving forward toward divorce, taking the time to carefully address your children’s needs and concerns can help abate the confusion they experience and ...

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  • What Are the Differences Between Custody & Legal Guardianship?

    Posted on July 22, 2022

    When it comes to children, parents simply want to ensure that their children will be provided for protected. Guardianship and custody are two different legal appointments that accomplish this, and you should seek the help of an Aurora CO family law attorney when you need assistance securing custody rights or a guardianship appointment. While guardianship and custody are similar in their concepts, there is a distinct legal difference between t...

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  • Relocating a Child in Another State?

    Posted on July 7, 2022

    Can I move to another state with my children? Sometimes, yes, though the parent with custody rights should meet certain legal obligations. Relocating with your child to another state without the other parent's or family court’s consent can be considered parental kidnapping and is a crime in the U.S. As divorced parents' lives evolve, a need to relocate may arise. Remember, each divorce has unique terms relating to child custody, parenting...

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  • Child-Related Matters in Family Court

    Posted on August 23, 2021

    As a parent, issues involving your child are often your primary concern. When a legal matter arises with your child in the center, it can be an extremely stressful and worrisome time. Your parental rights and responsibilities might be on the line, and you want to have the help of an experienced Aurora family law attorney with any child-related case.  The following are some brief overviews of common child-related matters in Colorado family co...

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