Sharing Custody During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Sharing Custody During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Like the rest of the country, Colorado’s COVID-19 cases continue to increase as well as the number of hospitalizations. The governor’s mandate for Colorado citizens to stay at home has people asking many questions, including how the custody of children between two parents should be handled. Are you allowed to leave your home to exchange the children? Should the children only stay with one parent during the lockdown? By working with a knowledgeable Aurora child custody lawyer, you can get answers to your pressing questions.  

Are Child Exchanges an Exception?

While the stay-at-home order is a law and requires most people to stay in their homes, it does make a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is travel required by law enforcement or court order. If you and your child’s other parent have a legally binding order or agreement about the custody of your children, this exception applies to you. You are allowed to leave your home to exchange your child with their other parent. Additionally, most courts have advised parents to continue to be compliant with their current custody plan. You can check with your Aurora child custody lawyer to determine if this applies to your jurisdiction.

Protecting Your Children

If you believe that sending your children to their other parent’s home would put them at risk for COVID-19, first discuss the situation with them. If you are not able to agree about how your concerns should be handled, get your children’s physician to weigh in on the issue. Having the opinion of a medical professional on your side should you decide to go against your agreement or have the agreement changed is often helpful. You should also speak to an experienced Aurora child custody lawyer to determine what steps you should take next. Each parent should be following CDC recommendations and be honest about the risks of COVID-19 exposure.

Co-Parenting is Key

Everyone is under extra stress during this pandemic, including your children. Now more than ever, it is imperative that you do everything you can do to maintain peace and be flexible with your children’s other parent. This will protect your family’s physical and mental health. You may want to update your parenting plan at this time since children are out of school and not participating in extracurricular activities. If you or your child’s other parent is working from home, you might be able to come up with a schedule that suits both of your needs to get work done. 

Get Help from an Experienced Aurora Child Custody Lawyer 

It is a time of uncertainty and frustration for many Coloradoans, even more so for parents who are sharing custody of children. When you call an Aurora child custody lawyer, they can help you make sense of the current stay-at-home order and how it impacts your custody agreement. They can also help you negotiate your custody agreement.

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