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  • How Much Can You Expect for Spousal Maintenance?

    Posted on March 11, 2021

    Divorce brings all kinds of stress, including financial stress. If you aren’t sure you can afford to live apart from your soon-to-be ex, your spousal maintenance expectations are likely high. You can find out what you deserve for alimony by speaking to a well-versed attorney today. Colorado is an alimony-friendly state. As such, anyone headed for divorce must understand how alimony, also referred to as spousal maintenance, works and whether...

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  • Alimony Modifications Due to Loss of Income

    Posted on July 8, 2020

    Life can bring many unexpected and sometimes not so pleasant changes. Millions of Americans are experiencing this fact as of late thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. In May, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) reported that the state’s unemployment rate had reached 10.2 percent. The downturn of the economy has left many Coloradoans scrambling to pay their bills and wondering what to do next. For unemployed workers paying a...

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