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Becoming a child’s guardian in Colorado is a legal process that should be taken seriously. You need to be 21 years of age and a responsible person to be appointed guardianship. Using an attorney to complete this process is advised.

Society recognizes that children are vulnerable and need at least one responsible adult to protect and provide for them. In most circumstances, this is the child’s parent. However, sometimes their parents are unavailable or unwilling to take on such a responsibility. When this happens, the overseeing family court will need to appoint a legal guardian for the child. There are requirements to be the guardian of a minor in Colorado. If you need legal advice and help with guardianship, don’t delay in reaching out to well-versed Aurora guardianship lawyers.

What is a Guardian?

For various reasons, some children need court-appointed guardians in Colorado. A guardian is an individual who is appointed by the court to be responsible and make decisions for a minor child. They have the powers and responsibilities of a parent. At all times, they are required to act in the best interest of the child. However, they do not have power or control over a child’s property. Guardianship duties include:

  • Taking physical custody of the child 
  • Providing a place for the child to live
  • Knowing the child personally and maintaining enough contact with the child to know his or her abilities, limitations, needs, opportunities, and physical and mental health
  • Using the money that the minor has available to his or her current needs for support, care, education, and welfare
  • Saving any surplus money that the child may have for his or her future needs
  • Taking reasonable care of the child’s personal property

Like many other legal family issues, guardianship can be a complicated process. If you are unsure what it means to be a guardian or that you can perform the duties of a guardian, meet with Aurora guardianship lawyers.

Guardianship Requirements in Colorado

To be a legal guardian of a minor child in Colorado, you must be at least 21 years of age. You can be appointed guardianship by the parents in a will or with another legal guardian. The court can also appoint you as a guardian. The court must be able to determine that you will be a responsible guardian. 

Aurora guardianship attorneys can help you file a guardianship petition and an acknowledgment of responsibilities with the court. A visitation will be set up to determine the child’s opinion of your guardianship. The court will appoint a court visitor to conduct the visit. This visitor will make a recommendation to the court regarding the legal guardianship. 

Aurora Guardianship Lawyers

With an attorney on your side from the CNL Law Firm, PLLC, you can be assured that you are taking all of the necessary steps to become a guardian for a child in Colorado. Having legal representation can make this process quicker and easier. Call (720) 370-2171 or use our online form to receive your no-obligation case evaluation with accomplished Aurora guardianship attorneys today. 

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