What is the Timeline for a Divorce Case in Colorado?

What is the Timeline for a Divorce Case in Colorado?

Divorce can be daunting from a legal perspective. The good news is that formal divorce proceedings may only take between six and nine months if there aren’t any complicating factors. No matter how long your divorce takes, a reputable attorney can help.

When most people file for divorce, they want it to be over with as quickly as possible. The divorce process can be a painful transition for some, and they simply want to move past this chapter and move on to the next. While there is only so much a divorcing spouse can do to ensure the speediest divorce process, working with experienced Aurora divorce attorneys is one of them.

How Long Does a Colorado Divorce Take?

Colorado divorces typically take between six and nine months to be finalized. However, this number can vary greatly depending upon several factors such as if:

  1. The divorce is contested
  2. The couple has children together
  3. A business is involved
  4. There are high-value assets
  5. One spouse is hiding assets

Some complex divorces can take up to two years or more to be finalized. It’s best to check with your Aurora divorce attorneys to find out how long they anticipate your divorce taking.

The Colorado Divorce Process

The formal divorce process starts when one or both spouses file the petition for the dissolution of the marriage with the appropriate county court. Filing this petition is a request to begin the divorce proceedings. If only one spouse files the petition, the filing spouse must serve the other with the petition and a summons or have them sign a waiver of service. The waiver certifies that they received the documents.

The receiving spouse then has 21 days to file a response to the petition. If they happened to be served the documents while out of state, the deadline increases to 35 days. In Colorado, a judge cannot grant a divorce until 91 days after the spouse has been served. 

Next, the court will then begin setting deadlines for the case.  It will schedule an initial status conference. This conference will take place with a judge or the family court facilitator. During this conference, you will learn more about the court process. It’s also an ideal time to ask the judge questions or inform them of unique issues in your case.

Both spouses will be required to submit financial disclosures. If there are immediate needs such as child support or alimony, a temporary orders hearing will be scheduled.

From here, the process is highly individualized. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can work out a settlement, either with Aurora divorce lawyers and/or a mediator, you will just need the court to sign off on it. If you can’t reach agreements, you will have to wait for a court date for the judge to rule on those issues.


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