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Establishing paternity is a vital step for unwed fathers. Paternity can be established voluntarily or by administrative or judicial order. Without establishing paternity, fathers may lack parental rights, including the right to see and have a relationship with their child.

Many couples throughout the nation and in Colorado are creating families out of traditional and legal wedlock. The family landscape in America is changing. Inherent to these changes are issues regarding parents’ rights. When a child is born out of a traditional marriage environment, no legal presumption exists regarding who the child’s father is. Unless unwed fathers establish paternity, they may not have their parental rights. In Colorado, there are three routes to establish paternity – a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, an administrative paternity order or a judicial paternity order. Whether you need to establish paternity, aren’t sure where your parental rights stand, or have other paternity questions, Aurora paternity lawyers can help. 

Why You Should Establish Paternity

The father, mother, and child will benefit when legal paternity is established. Not only will this essential step give kids a sense of belonging and emotional support, it legally entitles them to inheritance rights and benefits such as death, medical, and disability. For mothers, the establishment of paternity can provide a way for them to share parental responsibilities and receive emotional support in child-rearing.

Fathers benefit from establishing paternity by being able to know and bond with their offspring. It gives them the legal right to be involved in the lives of their kids and raising their kids. They can be involved in important decisions such as their health, education, and religious upbringing.

Ways to Establish Paternity in Colorado

C.R.S § 19-4-105 discusses paternity in Colorado. There are three ways to establish paternity in Colorado. The best way for you to go about doing so will depend on the specifics of your situation. By meeting with experienced Aurora paternity attorneys, you can determine which way is ideal. Consider these three options:

  • Voluntary acknowledgment: Both unwed parents can sign a form at their own will attesting that the man is the biological father of the child. They have the option to sign this form in front of a witness when the child is born at a hospital or birth facility or in the future at the Office of Vital Records and Statistics
  • Administrative paternity order: This paternity order does not involve the judicial system. If one parent applies for state child support services, both parents will receive a notice of the proceedings and be given a chance to respond. Either parent can provide additional information or request DNA paternity testing. When the issue is resolved in this manner, an administrative order can be issued.
  • Judicial paternity order: These involve court action. A hearing will be held in which the parents can give more information to the judge assigned to the case. The judge will review the evidence and make a ruling. If appropriate, they will also issue a judicial order for paternity at this time. While this can be a stressful task, having Aurora paternity lawyers on your side can help.

How Aurora Paternity Lawyers Can Help

The logistics and procedures surrounding the establishment of paternity in Colorado can be quite confusing. Aurora paternity attorneys can help you understand more about your rights, the best way to establish paternity in your circumstances, and answer any questions you might have. CNL Law Firm, PLLC.  Call (720) 370-2171 or complete our online form to receive your no-obligation case evaluation with accomplished Aurora paternity lawyers today. 

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