How Long Does Divorce Take?

How Long Does Divorce Take?

Colorado divorces can range in time to completion. Some are finished after only 90 days, and others will take six months to a year or longer. Being flexible and willing to negotiate, as well as hiring an attorney, can help expedite the process.

Divorce is a mentally and emotionally draining process for both spouses and even their children and extended families. It’s no surprise that most couples want this process to be over and done with as soon as possible. There are specific steps that spouses can take to ensure the process goes smoothly and possibly even faster. However, they have little control over how long their divorce will take. Family courts are busy, and you are at their mercy as to when they can hear your divorce case. Since Aurora divorce lawyers are very familiar with the process and what needs to be done, when you have one on your side, your divorce could be over quicker.

The Colorado Divorce Timeline

The divorce process officially begins when one spouse files a summons, petitioning the court for action. The other spouse is served with the court documents. From the day those documents are received, Colorado family law requires that 90 days elapse. If you had a simple divorce with very few assets or issues to work out, your divorce could presumably be over on the 91st day after receipt of the court documents. However, most couples are not this lucky. Most Colorado divorces average about six to 12 months to be complete.

Within the 90-day waiting period, there are other deadlines divorcing couples should be aware of. For instance, each spouse has 20 days from the divorce filing to disclose financial information to the court. If either spouse fails to meet this deadline, the window is extended by another 20 days. The divorce process could also be extended by other orders or provisions depending on the couple’s circumstances. It is best to speak with your Aurora divorce lawyers to determine how long your own divorce might take.

What You Can Do to Expedite Your Divorce

While you can’t change the law or make your spouse easier to deal with, there are some steps you can take to help speed up the divorce process. These include:

  • Avoiding a contested divorce. If your divorce ends up in litigation, it can take much longer as you will need to wait for a court date.
  • Check your emotions at the door. Even though this is an emotional time, it’s time to look at your divorce as a business matter. You will need to negotiate and compromise. If you cannot be flexible on the often highly contested issues of spousal support, child custody, child support, and the division of marital assets, your divorce will take longer.
  • Work with Aurora divorce attorneys. They know the process exceptionally well and can help keep things moving along.

Aurora Divorce Lawyers 

If you are ready to explore your options for divorce, reach out to the Aurora divorce attorneys at CNL Law Firm, PLLC. They will do all they can to expedite your divorce so that you can move on in rebuilding your new life. Book your no-obligation divorce consultation with qualified Aurora child support lawyers today. Call (720) 370-2171 or complete our convenient online form.

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