How Much Does Divorce Cost in Colorado?

How Much Does Divorce Cost in Colorado?

How much it will cost you to divorce your spouse in Colorado depends on whether you file the divorce on your own or with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer. At the minimum, the cost will be $285 if you are filing for divorce without an attorney. However, filing without a lawyer can be much more costly if you do not receive a favorable divorce outcome. 

Costs of a Divorce in Colorado

Going through a divorce is a stressful situation, emotionally and financially. To help address your concerns, it is important to understand all the options you have in seeking and securing a divorce and how much each option might cost you.

Divorces in Colorado can take months to complete, and each couple seeking divorce has their own set of circumstances that would impact how the divorce process goes forward. However, most divorces have several things in common, including decisions you must make.

The first decision is whether you can obtain a divorce by consent between the married spouses or through court. Consent by the couple means the divorcing couple discusses and agrees on all issues related to divorce, including children and property. This type of divorce is less costly and less time-consuming, but you still want a lawyer to review your agreement before you file it with the court.

If you cannot agree right away, you might have to obtain the divorce through litigation or mediation.

Mediation is a process by which the divorcing couple retains a neutral professional (usually an attorney) who helps the couple in amicably reaching a divorce agreement on all the issues. This process is less informal and cheaper than litigation, and more and more couples are using this process to avoid litigation.

Litigation is necessary in some cases and the most expensive option for a divorce. If the divorcing couple does not agree on all issues in the divorce, they might need the court to rule on the matter.

Litigation is a divorce process that is attorney-driven, meaning the divorcing spouses present their cases through their lawyers in court. A judge will then make a decision on how to resolve any remaining issues. As one can imagine, litigation is not cheap, but having a professional lawyer represent you in your divorce proceedings will make a difference in what you get out of the divorce. This is particularly crucial if you have children or significant property that was obtained during the marriage.

For litigation and mediation, the fees will vary and would depend on each individual case, so if you are contemplating to divorce, it is best to do your homework and make sure you are hiring a lawyer whose fees are affordable without compromising quality.

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As in everything you purchase, the lower the cost, the lower the quality might be. The same concept applies to choosing a lawyer. Yes, you can find a lawyer who charges fees way below others, but it might be due to inexperience or other factors. That said, the most expensive lawyer is not always the best choice either. Always seek a divorce attorney with reasonable fees.

At CNL Law Firm, we provide trusted legal services for couples seeking divorce, and our fees are both reasonable and affordable. If you are contemplating divorce or have already started the process and need help, contact us today for a consultation.

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