How to request legal visitation for grandparents in Colorado?

How to request legal visitation for grandparents in Colorado?

As a grandparent seeking legal visitation rights with your grandchildren, you will need to take specific steps to do so. In Colorado, a particular process must be followed to request visitation rights from the court. 

In this way, remember that every case is unique, and you should speak with an attorney if you have any specific questions about your situation. 

File a Petition

To petition the court for grandparents’ visitation rights, you must file a formal request with the court. This request should include information about yourself, your grandchildren, and why you believe you should be granted visitation rights. You will also need to provide evidence to support your cases. So, letters or emails from your grandchildren or other witnesses.

You must provide the family court with relevant information about your relationship with your grandchildren and their parents. This could include how long you have been in their lives or how often you see them. Including why you believe you should be granted visitation rights. You may also want to provide information about any legal proceedings that are currently taking place between the parents and grandparents. Remember, this information is important as it can help with your case.

The Courts Set a Hearing Date

The law court will set a hearing date if it agrees to hear your case. Certainly, this hearing will allow you and your grandchildren’s parents to present your claims to the judge. Be sure to attend the hearing, as making your case in person can be very important.

Be prepared to show the court some evidence of your relationship with your grandchildren and any harm that might come to them if you are not granted visitation rights. 

The Hearing and Ruling

Your grandchildren’s parents will likely argue that they should have the right to decide who sees their children and that granting you visitation rights would harm the children. Consequently, you will need to present evidence to counter these arguments and convince the judge that you should be given visitation rights.

If the court of law agrees with you, they will issue an order granting you visitation rights. In fact, when the judge disagrees with you, you may be able to appeal the decision.

If you are granted visitation rights, the court will issue an order outlining the specific terms of your visitation. To clarify, the court can choose to give you supervised or unsupervised visitation rights. 

Supervised visitation means you must visit your grandchildren in the presence of another adult, such as a relative or friend. Unsupervised visitation means you can see your grandchildren without another adult present.

Contact a Family Law Attorney to Earn Your Grandparent’s Visitation Rights

If there are any questions about the process involved in requesting legal visitation rights in Colorado, we encourage you to speak with an experienced family law attorney. CNL Law Firm, PLLC can help you understand your rights and options under the law and provide guidance as you navigate the legal process. Contact us at (720) 370-2171 today to schedule a consultation.

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