Can You Get a Protective Order Right Away?

Can You Get a Protective Order Right Away?

No one should have to be afraid of their domestic partner, but still, many spouses are. Some don’t seek restraining or protective orders because they don’t believe they are effective or don’t want the hassle or stigma. However, an attorney can provide immense help and support during this time. 

Protective orders serve a critical purpose for spouses and partners who live in fear. Many times, when they are necessary, they need to be put in place right away. If you are thinking about getting an order of protection against a spouse or partner or know that you need one, Aurora domestic abuse lawyers can help.

Types of Restraining Orders

If you are considering filing a restraining order, it’s essential to determine what type of restraining order you might need. There are a few types of restraining orders in Colorado, including a:

  • Temporary Restraining Order (TRO): Lasts up to 14 days and is required to obtain a Permanent Restraining Order.
  • Permanent Restraining Order (PRO): Typically requires a hearing, during which the judge will determine how long it should be valid.
  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO): Generally lasts for three days and is often appropriate when a person is in immediate danger.

An emergency protective order is the type you need if you need one issued right away. By working with Aurora domestic abuse attorneys, you can determine if you should start with an EPO or a TRO, and they can help you get it filed. Our firm can also help you obtain different types of orders as time passes and your needs for protection change.

Obtaining an EPO in Colorado

If necessary, an EPO or TPO can be issued in as little as 30 minutes. It isn’t a time-consuming or complicated process to get such an order. If you need an EPO, law enforcement officers can obtain one for you if: 

  • You are in danger of domestic abuse or a sex offense
  • It is an evening, weekend, holiday, or it is otherwise outside of court hours

The person who the EPO is against must be served with the order. You can’t do this yourself. However, it can be done by:

  • The local sheriff
  • A process server
  • Anyone at least 18 years of age who isn’t party to the EPO

As soon as the court opens again, you should apply for a TRO. If you don’t do this, you might not be continuously protected. You want an attorney who can focus on requesting the right types of orders, so you can focus on keeping your family in a safe place. 

Call Compassionate Aurora Domestic Abuse Lawyers Today for Help with a Restraining Order

At CNL Law Firm, PLLC, our Aurora domestic abuse lawyers are here to help you if you need to file an order of protection or take steps to end your relationship and get to safety. You don’t have to be represented by a lawyer to file a restraining order in Colorado. However, hiring an attorney is strongly recommended. Aurora domestic abuse attorneys can ensure that any necessary paperwork is correctly completed and submitted. They can also advise you before, during, and after the filing process.

Don’t wait to take steps to ensure your safety or your children’s safety. Call (720) 370-2171 or contact us online to receive your no-obligation case evaluation.

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