Reasons to Discuss a Prenuptial Agreement

Reasons to Discuss a Prenuptial Agreement

You’re getting married, and the last thing on your mind is getting a divorce, which seemingly makes having a prenuptial agreement an unnecessary proposition. The reality is that a prenuptial agreement in no way signifies that you are hedging your bets or aren’t committed to your marriage. In fact, a prenuptial agreement can offer some serious benefits that you may want to consider. If you have questions or concerns about a prenuptial agreement, consult with an experienced Aurora prenuptial agreement lawyer today. 

If One of You Has Significant Debt

As couples continue to marry later in life, it’s not uncommon for one partner (or both) to have acquired significant debt before entering into marriage. It’s obviously important to discuss such matters before the marriage takes place. A prenuptial agreement can protect the other spouse from taking on that debt if the marriage does end in divorce and can help alleviate some of the attendant stress and/or pressure associated with that debt. 

You Have Special Considerations

Many couples enter into prenuptial agreements because of special considerations that apply, such as:

  1. If one (or both) of you has children from a prior marriage, a prenuptial agreement can help you protect their inheritance.
  2. If one (or both) of you enters the marriage with considerable assets of your own, a prenup can help you maintain those assets as separate property. This can be especially important if the asset is a family business or property. For example, if you own a family farm, you may want to help prevent that from leaving your family in the event of a divorce.  
  3. You want to establish what a divorce would look like for the two of you from the outset, including the division of your marital property and the issue of alimony. Far from making divorce more likely, this pre-planning can help a couple gain perspective in relation to divorce and can motivate them to put forth the effort necessary to help avoid such an eventuality. 

In reality, signing a prenup agreement does not statistically increase the chances that your marriage will end in divorce, but it can provide you with some very valuable peace of mind.  

Child Custody Arrangements and Child Support

One issue that a prenuptial agreement cannot address is child custody arrangements and child support for your shared children. The courts always rule on what’s in the best interest of the children at the time of divorce, and they don’t allow parents to predetermine such important matters. Further, child support is based on state guidelines and the specific financials of the couple at the time of divorce.   

Consult with an Experienced Aurora Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer Today

If you have concerns or questions related to prenuptial agreements, Chris Little at CNL Law Firm, PLLC, in Aurora is a dedicated prenuptial agreements lawyer who is committed to helping you find the answers you need to make informed decisions that protect you and your children’s rights into the future. Your concerns matter, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (720) 370-2171 for more information today.

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