Should You Wait Until After the Holidays to File for Divorce?

Should You Wait Until After the Holidays to File for Divorce?

There are many reasons why people decide to wait until after New Year’s Day to file for divorce. This is a personal choice, and our Aurora, Colorado, divorce attorney helps many clients who make this decision. Once the holiday season is over, you likely want to get your case going as soon as possible, especially since you waited an extra couple of months. This means you should start working behind the scenes on divorce preparation as soon as possible.

Meet with a Divorce Attorney

You should not wait until it’s time to file to consult with a divorce attorney. Just because you meet with a law firm does not mean that you need to file right away – or even file at all. You can learn about the process, ask all of your questions, and learn what you should be doing in the coming months to prepare for your case. 

Your lawyer can advise you of what to do and what not to do before you file. This helps make the process more efficient, as well as helps to protect your interests and rights under Colorado family laws. You can also learn about the different types of divorce and which one might be right for your situation. These include:

  • Uncontested divorce
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Divorce using mediation
  • Divorce requiring litigation in family court 

Gather Information

There is much information needed to complete and file a divorce petition, and you can begin gathering this information now. Doing so is often better when your spouse is unaware, as they will not have a chance to hide assets or conceal information from you. Your divorce attorney can advise you of the information you need, which can include:

  • All financial accounts
  • Debt accounts and balances
  • Personal information for you, your spouse, and your children
  • Insurance policies
  • Deeds and titles
  • Income information
  • Tax returns

If you begin putting together a file now, it can save time when you decide it is time to file. Your lawyer will already have what they need to evaluate your best outcome and prepare your paperwork. 

Consider Your Goals

Do you know how you want to divide child custody with your spouse? Do you know whether you plan to move out of the house during your divorce case? What property is most important for you to keep, and what do you think is fair when it comes to property division? Do you think you or your spouse will need spousal maintenance?

These are all important questions you need to answer to develop your goals for your divorce. If you have a clear idea of what you want, it helps begin negotiations on the right foot when the time comes. 

Seek Help from an Aurora Colorado Divorce Attorney

At CNL Law Firm, PLLC, we know the decision to divorce is a difficult one, and these decisions can take time. We are here to help explain your options and begin working on your case – even if you want to wait until 2022 to file your divorce. Contact us online or call (720) 370-2171 today. 

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